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Tag: Positive Psychology

Disrupting The Downward Spiral of Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction With Mindfulness-oriented Recovery Enhancement: A Review of Clinical Outcomes and Neurocognitive Targets

Abstract Prescription opioid misuse and addiction among chronic pain patients are problems of growing medical and social significance. Chronic pain patients often require intervention to improve their well-being and functioning, and yet, the most commonly available form of pharmacotherapy for chronic pain is centered on opioid analgesics--drugs that have high abuse liability. Consequently, health care and legal systems are often stymied in their attempts to intervene with individuals who suffer…

CBT and Positive Psychology

In this video from a recent Beck Institute workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the similarities between cognitive behavior therapy and positive psychology in the context of personality disorders. Dr. Beck explains that patients with personality disorders often struggle with developing adaptive belief systems. Both CBT and positive psychology can be effective in instilling constructive beliefs in patients. Dr. Beck then describes some positive psychology techniques including group prevention and resiliency…