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Tag: cognitive beahvior therapy

CBT Is as Effective in the Treatment of Purging and Non-Purging Eating Disorders

A new study published in Behaviour and Research Therapy examined the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for women with a variety of purging behaviors. The study compared 3 groups: those who engaged in self-induced vomiting, those who engaged in multiple purging methods (i.e., laxatives and diuretics), and those who engaged in restrained eating and/or excessive exercise as a means of weight control.


Patients with Hypochondriasis Respond to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

In a recent study, patients with Hypochondriasis were randomly assigned to either Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Paroxetine (i.e. Paxil) or a placebo. All patients completed a self-report measure prior to treatment, and after 16 weeks of treatment or placebo. Of the 82 patients who completed the course of treatment: 54% of patients who received CBT improved. 38% of patients who received Paroxetine improved. 12% of patients who received placebo improved. The team who…