The Influence of Behavior Therapy and Neo-Freudism on the Development of Cognitive Therapy

In this video from a recent Beck Institute Workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses how early behavior therapists and neo-Freudians influenced his work in developing Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Beck refers to the work of Albert Ellis, George Kelly, and Karen Horney as particularly influential.

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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Dr. Aaron Beck discusses his experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and some of the strategies he used early in his career. Dr. Beck explains how using what he learned from the behavior movement and Albert Ellis he was able to modify his therapeutic strategies to be more effective.  Click here to learn more about Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

What helped Dr. Beck develop Cognitive Therapy? (Students Ask Dr. Beck – PART THREE)

Dr. Aaron Beck explains how his curiosity and scientific nature led him to develop Cognitive Therapy. He also explains the first outcome study of cognitive therapy which he conducted with Dr. John Rush. Please enjoy the third video of this unique series: