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Student and Early Career Professional Scholarship Competition

Our Annual Scholarship Competition

Each year, Beck Institute holds a scholarship competition for graduate students and early career professionals in a health or mental health field interested in attending our Student and Early Career Professional Workshop.

Beck Institute is dedicated to the future of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and those who study and practice it. That’s why we hold an annual Student and Early Career Professional Scholarship Competition. We award ten applicants from a variety of health and mental health fields a full scholarship to our Student and Early Career Professional workshop.

Applicants are encouraged to share any achievements, awards, research, or other exceptional work they’ve accomplished in relation to their program of study. We welcome students from a variety of disciplines within psychology as long as they are working towards a master’s or doctoral degree. Clinicians who have been practicing for under five years are also eligible to apply.

Scholarship Application FAQs

How do I know if my application was received? When will I find out if I won? If I pay to reserve my seat and I win the competition, will I be reimbursed?

Scholarship Application

Applications have closed for 2021.