Seeking Safety Treatment Improves Outcomes in Patient with Substance Use Disorders and Co-Occurring PTSD

According to a recent study published in Addiction, seeking safety treatment (SS), a manualized, present-focused, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treatment program for substance use disorders and PTSD, is associated with better drug use outcomes than treatment as usual. The current study compared treatment as usual to a combination of SS and treatment as usual. Results indicate that SS may reduce drug use in veterans with substance use disorders and PTSD better than treatment as usual, and works as well as treatment as usual in reducing alcohol use and PTSD symptoms. SS is also associated with greater treatment attendance, treatment satisfaction, and improvements in active coping. Requirements for training, supervision and consultation in SS is less costly than other evidence-based treatments for PTSD, which may increase its feasibility of use. Seeking safety treatment was developed by Lisa Najavits, Ph.D.

Boden, M. T., Kimerling, R., Jacobs-Lentz, J., Bowman, D., Weaver, C., Carney, D., Trafton, J. A.,& Walser, R. (2012). Seeking Safety treatment for male veterans with a substance use disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder symptomatology. Addiction, 107(3), 578-586.

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