Restructuring Negative Core Beliefs

In this clip from a recent 3-day workshop at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the nature of negative core beliefs. Dr. Beck explains that core beliefs never go away; however, they can become latent with CBT treatment, diminishing their adverse effects. Latent core beliefs can become reactivated, but can then be quieted (or deactivated) again using CBT treatment strategies. Dr. Beck provides an example of strategies therapists can use to help clients restructure their negative core beliefs.

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  1. Darley Giraldo
    Darley Giraldo says:

    Dealing with core beliefs is a never ending battle. Once I had a client ask me: “will I ever be able to change this deep thought of incompetence I have about myself?” When I explained to her what Dr. Beck just did she became hopeless and we had to work on this hopelessness for a couple of sessions so that she could see that it was still possible to live a pretty functional life using different CBT skills to “deactivate” her core belief of incompetence.
    She continues working on developing more and skills, and she seems to have a more stable mood now. This is something she will need to continue doing to battle her core belief.


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