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Brief Therapy Inside Out: Cognitive Therapy of Depression


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Judith S. Beck, PhD, therapist.

In this videotape, Judith Beck, PhD interviews a depressed patient. While the videotape can stand on its own, it is a valuable companion to Dr. Aaron T. Beck’s classic videotapes, providing explanations of the techniques he uses in the videotapes listed above. This videotape is in two parts. In the first part, Dr. Judith Beck is interviewed about the forthcoming therapy session with a depressed patient. The interview continues periodically throughout the therapy session, as Dr. Beck explains what she is doing and why. In the second part of the videotape, the viewer can watch the entire therapy session without interruption. Dr. Beck illustrates the basics of cognitive therapy: doing a mood check, setting and prioritizing an agenda, discussing a problem, collecting data, eliciting and responding to automatic thoughts and images, problem-solving, assigning homework, and eliciting feedback.


Running time: 95 mins.