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New Study (1)Abstract: Objective: The authors conducted a feasibility assessment of online training plus an online learning collaborative to support implementation of an evidence-based psychosocial treatment in a community mental health systems. Methods: Two mental health centers were randomly allocated to in-person training with local supervision, and three were assigned to online training plus an online learning collaborative supported by expert clinicians. Participants (N=36) were clinicians interested in interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT), an evidence-based psychotherapy for bipolar disorder. After training, 136 patients reported monthly on the extent to which clinicians used 19 IPSRT techniques. Results: Clinicians from both training groups increased use of IPSRT techniques. Patients of clinicians receiving Internet-supported e-learning and of those receiving in-person training reported comparable clinician use of IPSRT techniques. Conclusions: Internet-supported e-learning by community clinicians was found to be feasible and led to uptake of an evidence-based psychotherapy comparable to that by clinicians who received face-to-face training.

Stein, D. B., Celedonia, K.L.,  Swartz, A. H., DeRosier, E. M., Sorbero, J. M., Brindley, A. R., Burns, M. R., Dick, W. A.,  & Frank, E. (2015) Implementing a Web-Based Intervention to Train Community Clinicians in an Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: A Pilot Study. Psychiatric Services, 66(9).