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TKevin and Grant November, 2015raveling from Traverse City, Michigan, Kevin and Grant attended the 2-day CBT for Weight Loss and Maintenance workshop taught by Deborah Beck Busis, LMSW. Kevin DeBruyn, LMSW, is the founder and owner of Adaptive Counseling and Case Management, which helps chronically ill patients manage their health care and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Grant works as a clinician at Adaptive Counseling and Case Management. Many chronically ill patients have issues with weight loss and maintenance, which made this workshop a perfect fit. Both use evidence-based treatments in their practice and were interested in training in CBT. Synthesizing CBT with health care made this workshop a unique fit and had the benefit of being, as Grant stated, " straight from the horses mouth." Their best take aways? Grant: The framework and process demonstrations through roleplays and case examples Kevin: "I learned many new ways to structure what I'm already doing" to engage the client and move through treatment