In this two-day, experiential workshop, you will learn how to use a cognitive behavioral approach for weight loss and maintenance with your clients.  Based on The Beck Diet Solution and The Diet Trap Solution, the workshop teaches participants evidence-based strategies aimed at facilitating change in their clients’ thinking and behavior so they can make permanent changes in their eating. This workshop includes the same topics as the workshop for dieters, plus participants will learn how to conceptualize the difficulties their clients face and plan strategies to handle them effectively.

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Workshop Curriculum

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Cognitive Model, Research, and Dysfunctional Cognitions
  • Assessment, Treatment Considerations, Structuring Sessions
  • Pre-Dieting Skills: Motivation, self-efficacy, Eating Habits
  • Coping with Hunger, Craving, Emotional Eating

Day 2

  • Eating Schedules, Changes in Food Intake, Advanced Dieting
  • Psychological Issues, Common Diet Traps
  • The Long Haul, Maintenance
  • Reluctant Dieters, Real Life Compromises

Workshop Objectives

  1. Identify key cognitions that interfere with weight loss.
  2. Create compelling responses to sabotaging thoughts.
  3. Use specific techniques to motivate dieters.
  4. Use self-efficacy strategies to build confidence.
  5. Teach dieters to use sound eating habits.
  6. Use a cognitive behavioral approach to overcome craving.
  7. Help clients decrease concerns about hunger.
  8. Teach clients strategies to decrease emotional eating.
  9. Use strategies to help dieters stay on track.
  10. Teach clients how to get right back on track after making a mistake.
  11. Provide a rationale for eating according to a schedule and planning food intake in advance.
  12. Use relapse prevention strategies.

Recommended Reading

Applicant Prerequisite

This workshop is appropriate for those with a beginner to advanced level knowledge in the mental health or medical field.

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