For over 20 years, Beck Institute faculty have been at the forefront of delivering the gold standard for supervision and consultation in CBT.

After completing a Beck Institute training, clinicians or groups of clinicians can enroll in the Supervision Program or the Consultation Program. Both provide the clinician with tailored case consultation from Beck Institute faculty via phone or video conference so participants can learn how to apply CBT principles and strategies to their particular clients. In this way, effective delivery of CBT is enhanced, therapists develop confidence in their newly acquired skills and clients benefit more rapidly. Post-workshop supervision and consultation is also available for organizations. This course is appropriate for those with a beginner to advanced level knowledge in the mental health or medical field.

Our supervisors have trained extensively with Dr. Aaron Beck or Dr. Judith Beck and therefore offer trainees a unique depth of knowledge and experience.


Licensed mental health (or health) professionals receive 10 weeks of supervision in the context of their own clinical population and practice setting. They are matched with expert supervisors who reviews the therapists’ weekly session recordings in their entirety before holding a 45 to 50-minute supervision session via phone or video conferencing. Supervisees receive feedback on their sessions and can put other topics, and other clients, on the agenda as well. The Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale is used to measure competency; trainees who reach proficiency receive a certificate from the Beck Institute.


Supervision terms consist of 10 sessions, beginning the 1st of each month. Attendance at a Beck Institute workshop (or an equivalent CBT training program) is a prerequisite for participation in Supervision. A full supervision term qualifies for 7.5 CE credits, which are included in the program cost of $3,000 USD.

There is no limit to the number of terms a trainee may complete. For more information, or to apply, contact Michele Alberto at 610-664-3020 or

Continuing Education

Beck Institute supervision is geared towards certification in CBT through the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and includes 7.5 CE credits.

To request accommodations for disabilities or to address grievances, please contact Allie Jessar at 610-664-3020 ext 235 or email

Technical Requirements

Supervision is conducted via phone or video conferencing. A wireless internet connection is sufficient.


Individual consultation is available to clinicians who desire guidance and feedback as they begin to use newly learned concepts following a Beck Institute workshop. Therapists discuss cases with an expert Beck faculty member, who helps them conceptualize difficulties, plan treatment, and implement techniques more effectively. Less intensive than our Supervision program, Consultations do not include review of therapy session recordings.


Consultation sessions are sold individually at $250 per session.

There is no limit to the number of sessions a trainee may complete.

Group consultation is available through our Training for Organizations program.

Technical Requirements

Individual consultation can be hosted by phone or video conferencing.

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