Tools & resources for mental health professionals

We offer a broad range of tools and resources for practicing mental health professionals. Visit our CBT Store for products ranging from books and downloadable worksheets to patient pamphlets and CDs and DVDs.

Patient Worksheets

Several worksheets including the CTRS and excerpts from Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond can be downloaded.

Beck Scales and Inventories

The Beck Scales are validated tools that can be used to measure progress in clinical settings.

Visit the Beck CBT Store.

To help the world better understand CBT, we’ve developed a library of materials for professionals. Get a book or a DVD, a worksheet packet or patient pamphlets. Or sign up for a workshop to train in CBT.

Additional Resources

Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale and Manual – available for free download

National Center for PTSD – information for providers who treat veterans with PTSD

Beck Institute Blog – summaries of cutting-edge CBT studies and happenings at Beck Institute

Beck Institute Soundcloud – downloadable mp3s of interviews and lectures by both Drs. Beck

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Facebook – media and news about CBT

Beck Diet Solution – A cognitive therapy method of weight loss and maintenance. Read daily diet tips, sign up for the monthly newsletter, and learn about training information