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CBT for a Case of Mixed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) had implications for Ann’s life that she never anticipated. After learning that her penchant for eating fatty foods and smoking cigarettes exacerbated her symptoms and discomfort, she started to make lifestyle changes.
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Why Beck CBT Certification?

There is a direct correlation between fidelity to the model Dr. Aaron Beck established so long ago and positive outcomes for clients. That is why we are establishing Beck CBT Certification. It is our nonprofit mission to “Improve lives worldwide through excellence in CBT.” We recognize that raising the bar on quality is a key contribution to the field and one we want to make.
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Encouraging Courage: Helping Parents Raise Brave Kids

Families with anxious children often come to treatment with an expectation that therapy may focus on ways to help their child to be more brave, strong, and curious about the world. Parents are often surprised to learn how much their own behavior may also contribute to helping their child build these skills!
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Responding to Stressors and Building Resilience in Individuals with Schizophrenia

When a schizophrenic individual is subjected to minor traumas, the hurt to their self-esteem may be neutralized by having built up resilience in the form of a number of positive beliefs about themselves.
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If You Are Undecided About Therapy...

You may have questions or reservations about starting Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Think about the following to help inform your decision.
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Encouraging Individuals to Enter Treatment

Potential clients may be reluctant to enter treatment for a variety of reasons. As a clinician, it’s helpful to understand the function behind their thoughts and the emotion they feel as a result.
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New Pathways in Cognitive Therapy for Severe Disorders

It is imperative to map out the ways in which Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) addresses these disorders and successfully and collaboratively works with individuals to reach their aspirations and stay on the pathway toward recovery.
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Values Can Be an Antidote to Suicide

James was a 53-year old firefighter debilitated by depression who saw suicide as a way out.  Prior to his first episode of depression, he was able to work full time, support his wife and family, and fulfill his obligations.