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Newsweek, January 8, 1973

This article (below), published in Newsweek in early 1973, takes us back almost 40 years into the history of depression, exemplifying just how far we’ve progressed in understanding and treating depression. Early research findings in the causes and treatment of depression, which remain significant and valuable today, are noted and credited to several scientists including Dr. Aaron Beck. Dr. Beck is referenced and quoted on pages 53-54.

The story was written by Newsweek’s Medicine Editor at the time, Matt Clark and included reports from Mariana Gosnell, Evert Clark, Jerome Gram and others.

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  1. Amanda Watson
    Amanda Watson says:

    We’ve progressed a long way, indeed. You get a real sense of how the author (no byline(?)) is genuinely impressed at the thoughtful nature of the questions in Dr Beck’s Depression Inventory, and the excitement at the possibility that depression may occur through “deficiencies in neurotransmitters”. I’m also struck at the very sensitive tone that the writer adopts. Thank you for posting this.


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