How will my progress in supervision be tracked?

Both you and your supervisor will rate every patient recording you submit using the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS.) You will need to read the CTRS Manual first. A Passing Score on the CTRS is 40. A copy of the CTRS and CTRS Manual are provided as downloadable documents on

What are the requirements for successful completion of the Supervision Program (Individual)?

In order to successfully complete the supervision program, you must attend all 10 supervision sessions, submit at least 7 session recordings to your supervisor, and obtain at least 3 CTRS scores of 40 or above as rated by your supervisor.

What kind of credential will I receive upon successful completion of your supervision program (Individual) or if I am enrolled in Group Supervision?

When you successfully complete the supervision program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in the Beck Supervision Program.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements for successful completion of your supervision program?

You will receive a Letter of Participation documenting your participation in the supervision program.

Who does Supervision of Supervision apply to?

To be eligible to participate in supervision of supervision, you must first successfully complete your first standard term of supervision (Individual) and receive 3 scores of 50 or higher on the CTRS. Please note that the standard to progress to supervision of supervision is a higher standard than is required to receive a Certificate of Completion. You must also receive a recommendation from your supervisor to begin supervision of supervision.

What is Supervision of Supervision?

Supervision of supervision is structured the same way as regular supervision (10 sessions over the course of 3 months). However, instead of recordings of therapy sessions, you will send your supervisor recordings in which you are supervising your own trainees. You will then receive feedback from your Beck supervisor on how to become a more effective CBT supervisor.

What resources will Beck Institute provide me with for my CBT supervision?

Beck Institute will provide you with a copy of the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS) and CTRS Manual, a Cognitive Therapy Worksheet Packet, access to a secure file sending service to send your recordings, and a sample consent form to use with your clients. You will also be provided with copies of Beck scales (BDI, BAI, and BHS and, if applicable, the Beck Youth Scales). Please note, the BDI, BAI, BHS, and all Youth Scales are owned by Pearson Assessments and are provided as a special courtesy as part of your participation in the Beck Supervision Program. They are only to be used with clients with whom you are working within the scope of the Beck Supervision Program. Otherwise you will be in violation of copyright laws.