Who are the Beck Institute supervisors?

Beck Institute supervisors are highly skilled cognitive therapists who have trained with Dr. Aaron Beck and/or Dr. Judith Beck. You will be matched with a Beck Institute supervisor based on your treatment specialty.

How long are supervision terms?

Supervision terms consist of 10 sessions over the course of 3 months.  Those of you who are signed up for Group Supervision will have one term of 10  60-minute sessions. Those of you who are signed up for Individual Supervision will have two consecutive terms of ten 45-minute sessions (for a total of 20 sessions over six months.) Sessions are held weekly, although we have factored in a couple extra weeks to better accommodate for illness, vacation, holiday, etc.

What are the dates of my supervision term?

The first supervision term for all participants is scheduled to begin July 1st and end on September 30th. Those in Individual Supervision will begin another supervision term, immediately following the first supervision term This second term will run from October 1st to December 31st, and will be a continuation of regular supervision, unless you qualify for supervision of supervision.

How will I submit my recordings to my supervisor?

Recordings will be submitted through a private, password-protected file-sharing service that Beck Institute is providing to all supervisees. Instructions on how to use this service are included above (see “File Encryption and Delivery Portal Instructions” under “Resource Documents.”)

How often do I submit a session recording?

A single session recording should be submitted at least three days in advance of your supervision call (approximately weekly.) Those of you in Individual Supervision will end up submitting 10 session recordings. Those of you in Group Supervision will rotate who is responsible for submitting the next week’s recording; for example, in a group of four clinicians, each clinician should expect to submit 2-3 session recordings across 10 sessions

How are supervision calls with my supervisor conducted?

Supervision calls may be conducted via telephone or video conferencing. If using video conferencing, you are not permitted to enable the “Record” feature as recording supervision calls are strictly prohibited. More details on specific programs will be provided to program participants.

What device do you recommend for recording sessions for supervision?

You will need to use a digital voice recorder that converts to audio files.

What can I say to get clients to consent to the recordings?

We’ve found that saying something like the following helps:

“I have an unusual opportunity for you. You should feel free to say yes or no. I’m about to begin a special supervision program and if you do say yes, I think you’ll really benefit. Here’s what I’d do. I’d record our next few therapy sessions but I would never say or write down your full name. I’ll send the recordings to a special supervisor who will listen to it, then delete it, and then give me feedback. I always think two heads are better than one. You’d get the benefit of the expert supervision that I’ll be getting. [pause] What do you think? Do you want to be the client I choose? Or would you like to think about it?”

If you are in group supervision, just change the script to say:

 “I’ll send the recordings to a special supervisor and to a couple of my colleagues. They’ll listen…”

How many clients should I record?

Beck Institute recommends that you record two consenting clients per week (or, in advance of your scheduled week, for those of you in Group Supervision.) Recording more than one client at a time is helpful in the event that the primary client you’re using for supervision misses a session.

Do I have to use the same client throughout my supervision term?

We recommend using the same client for at least the first few supervision sessions. You can then move onto another client if that would be more helpful. You are not required to use the same client throughout your supervision term, nor switch to another client.