Does Beck Certification give me license to provide therapy?

No, the Beck CBT Certification Program is intended as a form of continuing education and assessment for licensed clinicians already practicing psychotherapy. There is no resulting degree and none of our training confers license to provide therapy. Instead, our training helps clinicians achieve proficiency in providing CBT effectively and with fidelity to the evidence-based model.

To find out how to be licensed to practice psychotherapy in your area, check with the governing board of licenses in your region.

How does Beck Institute’s certification program differ from other certification programs?

Beck CBT Certification has been designed based on a model of learning, designed by the Drs. Beck, which values the combination of training and supervision as a means for attaining competency in CBT. Individuals in our program will learn and hone their skills in applying the core components of CBT, receive mentorship from a CBT expert, and ultimately be evaluated on their CBT skills and conceptual understanding of the model. Our program raises the bar for excellence in CBT.

If you are already certified by another organization, you may still apply for Beck CBT Certification.

Is the Beck CBT Certification Program right for me?

The certification program is designed for clinicians who are generalists in terms of their client populations and/or the conditions their clients present with. The four course requirements for the Beck Certified Clinician level encompass the essential concepts and structure of CBT with consideration of the three most common conditions seen in the general population. The additional course requirements for the Beck Certified Master Clinician level include advanced coursework on topics of the applicant’s choosing.

Does the Student and Early Career Professional Workshop count towards Beck Certification?

Yes, the annual Student and Early Career Professional Workshop satisfies the CBT for Depression course requirement for Beck Certified Clinician.

What is the average cost for Beck Certification?

The current level of experience with Beck CBT coursework will determine the total cost of the program for each candidate. In order to attain Beck Certified Clinician certification, two fees are required: the candidate must pay an initial application fee of $100 for admittance to the program and a final work sample review fee of $300 at the end of the program. Other than these fees, the cost of the courses and supervision constitute the remaining expense; courses are offered at different rates depending on format, affecting the cumulative cost. Discounted pricing programs for Beck coursework are available to candidates actively pursuing certification.

How long does it take to become certified?

The length of time needed to become certified depends on the mode of training (online or in-person) and when trainings occur. In-person workshops range from 1-3 days, while online courses range from 4-8 weeks for completion. Essentials of CBT is offered only as an online course. We estimate that the entire process takes an average of 1-2 years. Click here to access the Beck Institute Workshop Calendar or here to register for our online offerings.

I am very experienced with CBT. Do I still have to take Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach in order to become certified?

Yes. Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach provides foundational CBT concepts, ensures adherence to the cognitive model in the practice of CBT as it is currently being taught, and helps us to establish consistency in excellence across a broad range of disciplines, settings and populations served. Feedback from past trainees– even those with high-level experience and expertise– is that our six- to eight-hour course is informative, engaging, and a worthwhile refresher and reorientation to the model.

What do I get when I’m certified?

Beck Certified Professionals will receive a signed certificate, have access to resources provided by Beck Institute, discounts on select Beck Institute offerings, and invitations to attend exclusive Beck Institute-sponsored events and webinars. In addition, certified professionals will be included in our public therapist directory and be eligible to receive clinical referrals from Beck Institute.

If I become certified, am I certified for life?

Certification is valid for five years. After five years, Beck Certified Professionals will be required to submit a work sample for review by the Beck Rating Committee and Credentialing Committee. The recertification process ensures continued fidelity to the CBT model.

Does Beck Institute training offered at my organization count toward certification?

Customized training provided through Beck Institute’s Training for Organizations (TFO) program will also count towards certification when aligned with the topic, objectives, and hours required for certification. TFO training that departs significantly from the framework of the prerequisites will not be accepted.