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Faculty Resources

Helpful Information and Beck Institute Policies

Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS)

This tool is designed to measure therapist competency and can highlight a therapist’s specific strengths and weaknesses in a therapy session. The manual provides detailed instructions to raters.

Helpful Information


Independent Contractors Master Services Agreement

  • The ‘Master Services Agreement’ (MSA) details the nature of our relationship and serves as the contractual basis for all work that you do with Beck Institute going forward. Our having a signed MSA on file with you will mean that we will be able to simply issue Statements of Work (SOWs) for future engagements as opposed to

Faculty Business Associate Agreement

  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are required by HIPAA to be in place any time there is an exchange of Private Health Information (PHI). Our consultation and supervision programs, in particular, involve a great deal of PHI. As Beck faculty, there is a high degree of likelihood that you will be involved in the exchange of PHI and so it’s important that we have this signed contractual and regulatory agreement on file with you.

Non Disclosure Agreement

  • In the course of our work together, we will be disclosing proprietary information about Beck Institute and its strategic plans. The information, by definition, consists of sensitive business material that we need everyone to respect and treat as confidential information just as you would handle personal information about patients. We request to formalize this understanding through a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ (NDA). By signing this NDA, you agree that you will keep proprietary information about Beck Institute private.

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