CT Worldwide: The UK, ahead of the game

globe.pngWe’ve been closely watching the UK, which has recently begun trying to make evidence-based mental health treatment more readily available to its citizens. The UK is far ahead of the U.S. in trying to implement an evidence-based agenda for mental health care, and ahead of many other countries as well. Back in 2004, the UK’s Lord Layard recommended increased use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to respond to the UK’s mental health needs. Providing evidence-based care is an effective and economical way to ensure that citizens receive a form of treatment that is clinically demonstrated to actually help. Layard points out that improving citizens’ access to evidence-based mental health treatment will help alleviate their mental health problems, and will also help many who are receiving “incapacity benefits” (disability benefits) due to mental health problems get back to work. Everyone wins in this situation — those with mental health problems get better care, and the UK’s costs in paying out incapacity benefits will go down as more citizens return to work.

Now, in 2006, the UK is beginning to move towards its goals by initiating a pilot program to improve citizens’ access to evidence-based treatment, including CBT.

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    Ah, that explains it …
    A Google Trend search for ‘cognitive therapy’ ( http://www.google.com/trends?q=COGNITIVE+THERAPY ) shows that the majority of the searchers are from London and other cities of UK. I’ve wondered why for sometime now …

    It’s also interesting to note that when compared countrywise, there are more searchers from Ireland and New Zealand than UK.

  2. CT Today
    CT Today says:

    Very interesting… We’ve never actually looked at Google Trends before… Two things — I found that when you search for “Cognitive Therapy” in quotes, the U.S. cities are a little higher on the list than searching without quotes so it may be partly people’s search habits. But even with quotes, people in the UK still search for CT more often than those in the U.S. and other countries. It’s also interesting to note that Philadelphia is the third highest city for CT searches, since Philadelphia is home to Aaron T. Beck, M.D., the founder of Cognitive Therapy.

    The really enormous difference in search habits surfaces when you do a Google Trend of “Cognitive Behavior Therapy”. For CBT searches, the U.S. is actually ahead of the UK and other countries. So there seems to be a difference in familiarity with terminology… something we’re going to talk about on this blog soon.

  3. Sam
    Sam says:

    “For CBT searches, the U.S. is actually ahead of the UK and other countries.”

    Actually there’s more to it.
    In US English ‘behavior’ is spelled without a ‘u’, where as the british spell it as ‘behaviour’. So a Google Trend search for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will show US in the last position!

    Search engine marketing – datamining search engines to detect ‘trends’ and for marketing ideas and product is a hobby of mine. I’d be glad to help you out with keyword researchs on CBT that could give you a good idea of what people are seeking for on the subject.

  4. catherine
    catherine says:

    i was very interested to read your insert on the UK and the evidence of effective and economical way to ensure that its citizens are receiving treatment which is actually helping. Mental health treatment waiting lists in this country are quite long i live in Northern Ireland where unfortunately many of the people on waiting lists have also disabilities which will incapacitate them for life along with their mental health issues. We here are still waiting for the better care to come our way and many of the serving soldiers who are now living on the mainland are getting no services at all. Many of the service records of these soldiers have been covered up. within communities in Noertern Ireland local commnuity groups from both sides of the divide are have been dealing with these mental health problems for years without funding or resources and i fear it is coming to the boil.


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