Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is Effective for Insomnia

newstudy-graphic-66x60.jpgData continues to emerge about the public health and economic burden of insomnia. This data comes from increased health risks including increased utilization of health care and work domain deficits such as absenteeism and reduced productivity. The National Institutes of Health Consensus and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Practice Parameters have made the recommendation that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) be the standard treatment for insomnia. CBT for insomnia is a brief, non-pharmacologic approach that is based on the science of sleep medicine, behavior change, and psychosocial theory. Further, in randomized controlled trials in which CBT is compared to medication, CBT has proven to be comparably effective, with more durable long-term maintenance of gains after treatment is discontinued. To read the entire article, click here:

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  1. Jenny Ledd
    Jenny Ledd says:

    CBT is a therapy which aims to identify negative thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs and highlight how they are related to negative emotions and ultimately actions and behaviours which only serve to worsen a person’s mood and/or medical condition. Once this has been accomplished CBT aims through various methods to replace these with more, realistic, positive and beneficial thoughts and behaviours.


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