Choosing a CT Therapist?

Cognitive Therapy (CT) has been demonstrated to be effective for many disorders in hundreds of clinical trials — it’s one of the most widely tested forms of psychotherapy.  As CT becomes increasingly favored among consumers and insurance companies, many therapists are now “saying” that they practice CT, even if they have not actually received sufficient training. Often, they may simply be incorporating some elements of CT into their practice, without fully delivering actual Cognitive Therapy treatment.

In 1998, Aaron T. Beck, M.D. (who developed Cognitive Therapy in the 1960s) and other leaders in the field established a non-profit certifying organization, the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT), to serve consumers, thoroughly evaluate  therapists, and certify those who are truly qualified Cognitive Therapists. If you’re looking for a good Cognitive Therapist, we recommend that you search for an ACT-Certified Cognitive Therapist.

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  1. CT Today
    CT Today says:

    Hi Sam – although there currently aren’t any ACT-certified CT therapists in India, other ACT therapists have recommended Dr. Elizabeth Daniel, Kasturba Medical College, Attawar, Mangalore. Also Dr. Mrigya – Department of Psychiatry, Manipal Institute of Higher Education, MAHE, Manipal (this one is about an hour’s drive outside of Mangalore). We unfortunately don’t have contact info for these individuals, but if you’re interested, hopefully you can track them down through the colleges mentioned. Good luck to you!


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