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The Beck Institute CBT Certification Process

We offer three levels of certification. All candidates start at the level of Beck Institute Certified Clinician.

Steps to Become a Beck Institute Certified Clinician

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  1. Submit an application to the Beck Institute CBT Certification Program. The application form will capture basic information, professional background, clinical training, and additional prerequisite information.
  2. After acceptance into the Beck Institute Certification Program, successfully complete the required coursework. Required courses include:
  3. Successfully complete a term of supervision with an expert member of our faculty.
  4. Attest that you have treated 10 cases using CBT and completed 5 Case Write-ups.
  5. Submit a work sample, consisting of a therapy session recording and accompanying materials (Case Write-up and Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram) for evaluation by the Beck Institute Rating Committee and Beck Institute Credentialing Committee.

Questions about these steps? See our comprehensive list of FAQs.

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