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Certification Eligibility Checklist

Prerequisites for Initial Application 

  • Terminal Degree in Mental Health
    • Continuing Education or Graduate Training* in:
      • Human Development
      • Psychopathology
      • Cultural Influences
      • Ethics
      • Assessment
      • Research and Statistics 

*This refers to courses and training taken after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, either during graduate school or as a continuing education course. This training does not need to have been provided in full three-credit courses and there is no minimum hourly amount or other specific requirement (e.g., format, graded, etc.). The training need only have been postgraduate, or post-baccalaureate, training.

  • Professional License (required in USA/CA and as required by other locales) 
  • Professional Liability (required in USA/CA and as required by other locales) 
  • History of Ethical Practice
  • Absence of Health Problems that could interfere with providing high quality CBT services
  • 2,000 hours of supervised clinical work 
  • Copy of your CV or Resumé
  • Registration Fee of $100

Beck Certified Clinician: Requirements

Coursework/Supervision Requirements*

  • Attest that I have completed treatment with at least 10 clients using CBT 
  • Attest that I have completed at least five Case Write-Ups
  • Essentials of CBT (8 hours training requirement) 
  • CBT for Depression (16 hours training requirement)
  • CBT for Anxiety (12 hours training requirement)
  • CBT for Personality Disorders (15 hours training requirement)
  • A term of Supervision (10 sessions over at least 10 weeks based on at least 7 recorded sessions  which have been rated on the CTRS; 3 ratings of which are 44 or above. A Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram (CCD) is required for each client whose recordings were submitted for supervision.

Work Sample Submission 

  • Recording of a live session applicant has conducted with a client (different from clients whose recordings were submitted during supervision term) + a Case Summary + a Case Conceptualization for this client.