12 CEs


In this two-day, experiential workshop,you will learn how to use a CBT approach with clients who are overweight or obese. Based on The Beck Diet Solution and The Diet Trap Solution, you will learn interventions to help clients make lasting changes in both their behavior and their thinking. This interactive workshop presents a step-by-step approach to teach dieters specific skills and help them implement these skills every day. You will learn how to engage the client and teach them to solve common problems, develop realistic expectations, motivate themselves daily, reduce their fear of hunger, manage cravings, use alternate strategies to cope with negative emotion, and get back on track immediately when they make a mistake.

You’ll learn what to do when dieters have dysfunctional beliefs related to deprivation, unfairness, discouragement, and disappointment—and thoughts that undermine their motivation and sense of self-efficacy. You’ll also learn how to encourage dieters to adopt a healthy and flexible eating plan that they can keep up for life. Acceptance techniques will help dieters come to grips with the necessity of making permanent changes and maintaining a realistic, not an “ideal” weight that they can sustain for their lifetime.