18 CEs

Substance Use Disorders

Clients who misuse substances are a highly heterogeneous group. But they often have important factors in common, such as difficulties in managing cravings and urges, faulty beliefs that perpetuate their misuse of substances, mood instability, and fluctuations between feeling “in control” of their problems and feeling hopeless and desperate. This workshop will focus on the evidence-based methods of CBT to help clients increase their motivation to change, moderate their dysfunctional beliefs, manage their cravings, and improve their mood.

Led by Cory Newman, PhD, ABPP, this experiential workshop will also address clients’ co-morbid problems such as anxiety and mood disorders. You’ll learn how to combine confrontational methods with a collaborative, congenial spirit. You’ll also learn how to integrate CBT principles with motivational interviewing and 12-step programs. Day three, led by Amy Wenzel, PhD, ABPP, will focus on how to apply the skills learned in the workshop to a group setting.