12 CEs

Led by Allen R. Miller, Ph.D., this experiential workshop will teach you how to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to provide effective treatment for clients who experience problems related to pain and opioid/opiate use. You will learn about the complicated relationship between pain and opioids and how to develop and use a cognitive conceptualization to deliver effective treatment. Dr. Miller will discuss the significance of the therapeutic relationship in CBT and demonstrate how you can use the therapeutic relationship to motivate your clients to make real changes in their lives. Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to participate in roleplay demonstrations and practice techniques that will enhance your work with clients who have chronic pain and opioid use-related problems.

This workshop is designed for health and mental health professionals who want to learn how to use CBT techniques to work more effectively with complicated pain/opioid use clients, improve their level of functioning, and increase their overall quality of life.