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Why Maintaining Control of Healthy Habits Matters During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Deborah Beck Busis, LCSWDirector, Beck Diet Programs I’ve had many sessions with clients recently who are understandably very uneasy, scared, and thrown off of their normal routines. One common thought I’ve heard them say is, “What does this really matter with all that is going on with the coronavirus?” While I understand that the state of the world can be overwhelming and frightening at the moment, I would argue…

Helping Anxious Clients Find Strength and Purpose During COVID-19

By Norman Cotterell, PhD In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.- Albert Camus Walt, a 34-year-old accountant, was sheltering in place in accordance with governmental directives as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. He was ostensibly safe. But it felt as if the walls were closing in on him; he knew that he would experience a distressing level of anxiety—and he…

A CBT Approach to Living with Uncertainty: Control What You Can and Accept What You Can’t

By Judith S. Beck, PhD President, Beck Institute One of the most difficult parts about Covid-19 is uncertainty: about the timeline of the virus, about the impact on the economy, and about the effect it could have on our and our loved ones’ well-being. In my more than forty years of practicing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), I have learned that uncertainty unlocks a desire for control in many individuals. While we…

Connection, Belonging, and Purpose in the World of Social Distancing

By Ellen Inverso, PsyD Connection is a basic human need (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) and the foundational component of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R). Connection can involve having a sense of unity with another person or group of people, feeling like you belong or are a part of something bigger than yourself, and taking opportunities to share your values and talents with others (Beck et al, in press). The impact is…