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Category: Judith S. Beck

The Relationship Between CBT and Neuroscience

In this video from a recent Beck Institute Workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the relationship between CBT and neuroscience. Dr. Beck explains that various biological findings have been associated with successful CBT treatment and that preliminary and future research will seek to determine whether certain genomes respond better to different CBT techniques. For CBT resources, visit

Determining Treatment Length in CBT

In this video from a recent Beck Institute workshop, Drs. Aaron Beck, Judith Beck, and Torrey Creed discuss the variability in length of CBT treatment. While many clients improve after 10-20 sessions, determining the length of treatment is a collaborative process that depends on the client's goals and individual case formulation. Factors associated with length of treatment often include the severity of illness, personality, and level of support. For CBT…

Addressing Multiple Problems in Treatment

During a recent Beck Institute workshop, Drs. Aaron Beck, Judith Beck, and Torrey Creed discuss how to address multiple problems in treatment. Dr. Judith Beck stresses the importance of discussing the client's new or current problem but also remembering to review homework from the previous session which may have been used to target a different problem (or problems) addressed previously. Further, using case conceptualization to guide treatment helps the therapist…

Ways for Therapists to Stay Motivated

In this video from a recent Beck Institute Workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses techniques for therapists to remain motivated in their practice. He discusses the importance of distancing oneself from concerns and worries. Dr. Beck gives examples of how therapists can distance themselves, including meditation as well as monitoring and responding to their own cognitions. Beck Institute provides several training opportunities for CBT therapists. For more information visit our website.

Extramural Training Workshop at Beck Institute: October 25-26, 2010

OCTOBER/2010: (Left) Dr. Aaron Beck conducts a case discussion with Extramural Workshop participants. The workshop was attended by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, professors, physicians, counselors and other mental health professionals. Participants traveled from Canada, Mexico, Sweden the United Kingdom, and nine U.S. states. Certification in CBT The Beck Institute Supervision Program provides intensive, one-on-one CBT supervision to professionals seeking to enhance their clinical skills and work towards certification in Cognitive…

Special Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshop for Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows: August 9 – 11, 2010

AUGUST 2010: Post-doctoral fellows, psychiatry residents, social work interns, nurses, and other graduate students from mental health, medical, and related fields traveled from 20 states and 8 countries, including Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Pictured above-left, Aaron T. Beck, M.D. answers questions from students in the Cognitive Behavior Therapy workshop hosted by Beck Institute. (Below/Right) Torrey Creed, Ph.D., conducts a roleplay demonstrating techniques in Cognitive…