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Category: Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Election Anxiety

By Judith S. Beck, PhD, Beck Institute President & April Moran, LCSW A certain degree of anxiety is adaptive and can allow us to perform at a high level. It can cue us to study for an upcoming exam, prepare for a meeting, or make sure we look both ways before crossing the street. With a particularly stressful election just days away, those who struggle with anxiety may feel more…

Helping Anxious Clients Find Strength and Purpose During COVID-19

By Norman Cotterell, PhD In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.- Albert Camus Walt, a 34-year-old accountant, was sheltering in place in accordance with governmental directives as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. He was ostensibly safe. But it felt as if the walls were closing in on him; he knew that he would experience a distressing level of anxiety—and he…