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New Study (1)Abstract: In general, as well as part of dissemination and implementation science, there is the need to focus on training of mental health professionals in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Unfortunately, the usual training methods (e.g., workshops, seminars) and the availability of treatment manuals have not produced full uptake or quality practice. Web-based therapist training programs can improve and expand access to CBT training. Advantages of a web-based training approach allows for increased flexibility, accessibility, cost-efficiency, scalability, potential for both didactive and interactive learning, consistency in quality, and importantly, the potential for remote supervision/consultation. We provide a rationale for the use of technology in clinician training in CBT, highlight several promising programs, and describe the technology and research considerations in web-based training using the example of computer-based training in CBT for childhood anxiety disorders. We also discuss directions for future research, as well as the challenges that remain.

Khanna, S. M. & Kendall, C. P. (2015) Bringing Technology to Training: Web-Based Therapist Training to Promote the Development of Competent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice 22(3) p. 291-301. doi:10.1016/j.cbpra.2015.02.002