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Psychopathology and Psychotherapy

By Aaron T. Beck, MD, and Molly R. Finkel, MSEd In everyday life, many transient cognitions (automatic thoughts) serve the purpose of alerting the individual to a problem or new stimuli. After these cognitions are activated, individuals then experience a variety of affects, which also serve an alerting function, and tend to be more compelling compared to cognitions. When individuals are in a psychopathological state, their cognitions and affects also…

CBT for Front-Line Medical Professionals: Using the Socratic Method

The use of Socratic questions is a cornerstone of the Cognitive Model and is the focus of this webinar. As important as Socratic questioning is, clinicians may be challenged with when and how to do it. Consequently, guidance is often requested. Here, Dr. Allen R. Miller, Director of CBT Programs for Beck Institute, addresses questions raised by psychiatrists who are working with front-line physicians during the COVID-19 crisis. Presentation of…

CBT for Youth with Depression

By Jeremy Joves, BA, Courtney Giannini, BA, Hannah Toyoma, BA, Saige Portera, BA, Anika Mehta, BA, Samantha Honnert, MA and Robert Friedberg, PhD Center for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth at Palo Alto University The following article provides a summary of studies showing the impact of treating depression in youth with CBT, with and without accompanying medication. CBT has shown to be an effective and efficacious treatment modality…