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Addressing Clinician and Client Barriers to Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy

By Wendy Wild, PsyD Beck Institute Faculty Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy (CBGT) has become even more applicable over the past year. As patients report increased symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use disorders, and other mental health problems, the gap between the demand for mental health services and the supply of mental health professionals has widened. CBGT allows evidence-based treatments to reach more people, meeting a significant public health need,…

Revised and New On-demand Courses Coming Soon!

By Judith S. Beck, PhDBeck Institute President We are so excited to announce that Beck Institute will release revised and new online courses this year, beginning in April. We will offer updated versions of Essentials of CBT, CBT for Depression, CBT for Anxiety, and CBT for Personality Disorders. These courses are designed for health and mental health professionals but can be taken by anyone. They (and/or the earlier versions) may…

Helping Clients Sleep Better during COVID-19

By Michael Tompkins, PhD Beck Institute Faculty Oliver is a 63-year-old electrical engineer who retired just a few months before the pandemic hit. Although Oliver lived alone, he had filled his life with interesting friends from around the world. Oliver was an avid birder and had planned to spend his retirement years traveling with fellow birders and photographing and building his catalog of bird sightings. The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything.…

From the Desk of the Executive Director: A Note on the Year Ahead

Happy New Year, all. I know that we have moved past January 1, 2021, and my New Year’s message may feel a bit delayed. I realized recently that if I waited for the world to settle enough to have a time-relevant message, I’d never have one, so… here we are. What a great reminder that life happens, not always as we plan it, and if we are fortunate, leaves us…

Efficacy and Effectiveness of CBT for Youth

By Saige Portera, BA, Hannah Toyama, BA, Jeremy Joves, BA, Anika Mehta, BA, Courtney Giannini, BA, Samantha Honnert, MA, and Beck Institute Faculty Member Robert Friedberg, PhDCenter for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth at Palo Alto University The following summary collects evidence speaking to the efficacy and effectiveness of CBT for youth. As the established psychosocial intervention for behavioral health issues in childhood through adolescence, studies have shown…

Beck Institute’s 2020 Year in Review

We at Beck Institute are grateful to have had the support of such a vibrant and engaging community through a challenging year, when our mission has become more important than ever. With the rising tide of mental health needs in the United States and around the world, we will continue to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) training, practice, and research to individuals across the globe…