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Cognitive Therapy: A New Focus

Cognitive Therapy: A New Focus How does cognitive theory integrate more recent clinical and experimental findings? We define Cognitive Therapy in terms of the application of the Cognitive Model, rather than in terms of the specific techniques. Although the original version of the therapy emphasized techniques such as cognitive restructuring, it later emphasized behavioral methods that were shown to produce adaptive changes in information processing (for example, activity scheduling, role…

Q&A with Dr. Judith Beck

Q&A with Dr. Judith Beck What do you think is important for a young CBT therapist or researcher to know about the history of CBT? Aaron Beck has always started with clinical material first, working with clients and generating hypotheses about his observations. He tests his hypotheses, refines his theories, and bases treatment on these theories, continually testing and improving the validity of his theories and the efficacy of treatment. …

Drs. Beck and Evans Discuss Evidence-Based Practices

Drs. Beck and Evans Discuss Evidence-Based Practices Within the span of a few decades Dr. Aaron T. Beck, widely regarded as the “Father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, has changed the way we think about mental health treatment. In 2007 the city of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS), and Dr. Aaron Beck joined in a collaboration unlike any other to bring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy out of…

CBT: Review of Randomized Trials

CBT: Review of Randomized Trials Written by Paulo Knapp, PhD A systematic review of the literature of all published papers in the year of 2014 describing randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that compared cognitive-behavioral interventions with a wait-list control group, or another form of psychosocial intervention or other medical treatment was conducted. Only RCTs that clearly specified a CBT theoretical orientation were included. Samples included all populations, undergoing any type of…

Workshop Participant Spotlight – Katherin Torres

Workshop Participant Spotlight - Katherin Torres At this week's CBT for Substance Use Disorders workshop, we had the pleasure of welcoming Katherin Torres back to Beck Institute. She and her colleagues from Pathways in San Diego recently attended the CBT for Schizophrenia workshop in April, and now she returned solo to learn more about using CBT with her substance abusing clients. A pre-licensed MFT intern at Pathways in San Diego,…