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Akron Resources

Resources for your upcoming supervision.

Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS)

This tool is designed to measure therapist competency and can highlight a therapist’s specific strengths and weaknesses in a therapy session. The manual provides detailed instructions to raters.

CBT Worksheet Packet

  • Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram
  • Activity Chart
  • Therapy Report
  • Preparing for a Therapy Session
  • Thought Record
  • Core Beliefs
  • Download Worksheet Packet

Resource Documents

Consent to Record Sessions Form by Agency

Workshop Materials

Presentations and handouts from workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Beck Institute supervisors? How long are supervision terms? What are the dates of my supervision term? How will I submit my recordings to my supervisor? How often do I submit a session recording? How are supervision calls with my supervisor conducted? What device do you recommend for recording sessions for supervision? What can I say to get clients to consent to the recordings? How many clients should I record? Do I have to use the same client throughout my supervision term? How will my progress in supervision be tracked? What are the requirements for successful completion of the supervision program? What will I receive when I complete my supervision term? / Do I receive any credential after completing my supervision term? What happens if I do not meet the requirements for successful completion of your supervision program? Who does Supervision of Supervision apply to? What is supervision of supervision? What resources will Beck Institute provide me with for my CBT supervision?