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About our Virtual Training and Workshops

Our virtual workshops are an excellent option for organizations impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, whether or not travel and gatherings are possible or recommended.

Beck Institute staff and faculty have been conducting training remotely with organizations worldwide for many years. We offer a variety of options, from small group consultations conducted over the phone and online, to multi-week online courses, to live interactive virtual workshops conducted by expert faculty. We can help your staff grow their CBT skills from anywhere in the world.

Download our Online Training for Organizations informational sheet.

About our Virtual Workshops
  • Beck Institute staff and faculty have years of experience in providing state-of-the art online training.
  • In keeping with our commitment to excellence and best practice, our online trainings are conducted by expert faculty. Each workshop is designed to be interactive, engaging, and effective.
  • Our dedicated staff monitor and provide technical support to trainees throughout the workshop.
  • Participants consistently report that Beck Institute remote trainings are transformative for their careers, providing practical tools and strategies in a convenient, user-friendly format.

Beck Institute training will help your staff learn practical, evidence-based cognitive and behavioral techniques that they can implement immediately. Contact us today to learn more about how a customized CBT training from Beck Institute can help your organization.

“I really enjoyed this virtual workshop experience. At first, I was a little anxious that I would not be able to absorb the material like I would in an in-person workshop. What has made the difference for me was [the instructor’s] priority to answer the participants’ questions, and also the moderators!”

“Loved it. Thought [the instructor’s] approach was well-suited to this format. Felt camaraderie with our small group. [The moderators] were very professional about keeping everyone informed and keeping things moving and were accessible and responsive.”

“I was very pleased with the workshop … You were attentive and helpful with the few technical issues that we had. I do not believe we missed anything content-wise by doing it online. The break-out sessions gave us a chance to connect to the other attendees. I like the short breaks.”

“I loved my experience. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have learned a lot, been inspired, and will be going back with new ideas to implement into practice.”