We’re known worldwide for providing excellent CBT training.

We know that better trained clinicians equal more healthy people.

We offer a full range of training opportunities for professionals, educators, and students. Whether you’re a CBT novice or well versed in the practice, training with our faculty can hone your skills and prepare you for excellence in the field.

Grow your CBT skills and improve your clinical practice by learning CBT the Beck way. Our Core Curriculum helps participants build the basic and essential skills and competencies for effective treatment and our Specialty Workshops offer concentrated, intensive training in the treatment of specific disorders and/or populations. After completing a workshop, enroll in the Supervision program which provides tailored case consultation from Beck Institute Faculty via phone or video conferencing to further enhance knowledge and skills. Through our Training for Organizations Program, organizations can request similar or modified curricula to be delivered by Beck Institute faculty at their locations.


[After the workshop], I used the techniques with a typical client that I see.  Cognitive therapy helped me organize the session and find immediate relief for this woman.  She left my office with a coping card and much more hope for recovery than she came in with.  She even hugged me on her way out the door – which has NEVER happened to me after one session with a client.

I just wanted to let you know how much this training has already helped me, and to thank you for such in-depth training.  Now I feel equipped to face any situation with a client, and confident that some symptom relief and improved quality of life is available for everyone.

Angela C.Bay City, Michigan
Angela C.

The training was OUTSTANDING!  [She] was a dynamic speaker and received much positive feedback from staff.

Deborah B.Hartford, Connecticut
Deborah B.

A hearty thank you to the Beck Institute for an outstanding workshop! [The speaker] was very impressive with regard to CBT content knowledge and his ability to engage participants throughout the 2 day training. Providers here … and [at] our satellite clinics were most appreciative of learning evidenced based treatment. We certainly look forward to future workshops.

Scott S., Psy.D., ABPP, EMTFort Meade, Maryland
Scott S.

This is a fantastic training opportunity for pediatricians who want to use cognitive behavior therapy to supplement medication management. [My supervisor] has been enthusiastic and patient and is a wealth of knowledge. It has added a wonderful dimension to my practice and I would recommend this for any practioneer who deals with behavior issues in kids.

Jonathan R., MDOklahoma
Jonathan R.

Being a psychologist is a second career for me.  Previously, I was a business person and recognized the need for continuous improvement in order to stay competitive.  The Beck Institute’s Supervision Program has allowed me to pursue continuous improvement in my clinical skills.  The training they provide is world-class AND a great value.  Week after week, in case after case, my supervisor provided me with actionable feedback on how to deliver more effective Cognitive Therapy.  One reason they can do this is because they really listen to the work samples you provide.  This hands on approach is an ideal often touted but rarely achieved in practice.  My participation in The Beck Institute’s Supervision Program has allowed me to help my patients develop the skills they need to solve problems more effectively and manage their emotional well-being through the use of cognitive-behavioral skills.  I recommend this training to every mental health professional.

John O., PsyDNew Jersey
John O.

Very well organized agenda, rich overview. Best training I have had. Complement of other students added to the richness. Thank you.

Sarah O., MA, MSWConnecticut
Sarah O.

The combination of presentations were super, it gave such a broad and rich knowledge base. Any therapist who has the goal of ‘do no harm’ should attend this training.

Wanda S., MEdMontana
Wanda S.

Overall, this was an excellent training experience. I greatly appreciate all the work and thought that goes into preparing and delivering such a comprehensive program. Thank you.

Kimberly H., PhDCalifornia
Kimberly H.

Thank you so much for the excellent training at the Beck Institute. I learned an incredible amount in a short time and I’m very eager to incorporate these ideas into my own clinical work. I really appreciated the vivid anecdotes and creative ways of applying CBT principles to the case and client at hand. Many thanks again.

Lisa T., MA,California
Lisa T

I have benefited from every aspect of the training (role-plays, lectures, live supervision and watching Dr. Aaron [T.] Beck’s presentation, etc.). All of the presenting staff are very knowledgeable, professional and expert in CT. I have learned so much from all of you, and it inspires and motivates me in my work with my own patients and students. Each staff member has a uniquely effective way of delivering their knowledge and expertise in CT… I am very happy with the experience, with the opportunity to meet people again that I haven’t seen in 10 years, to meet new staff, other professionals from around the world, and also to both learn new things and reaffirm current skills. Thank you very much!!!

Dr. Emel S., ABPP, ACTTurkey
Dr. Emel S.

The most beneficial training I have ever attended!” “Great pacing, structure, and summarization…” “Information was suitable for all levels…

Michelle B., MEd, LPCTexas
Michelle B

This has been the best training I have ever been to. Staff was very informative and kind. Material was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

Nicole K.MA, Connecticut
Nicole K.

Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT training last week. I am still hearing from those who attended (and their supervisors and everyone they brag to) that this was possibly the best training they have ever received!

Lynn S., LPCSan Antonio, Texas
Lynn S.

The best clinical supervision that I ever received was from the Beck Institute.  My supervisor had always carefully reviewed my therapy tapes and offered insightful comments that improved my therapy skills and deepened my fundamental understanding of the theory and practice of Cognitive Therapy. I am a more effective therapist today because of the clinical supervision I received at the Beck Institute; it sets a gold standard for education and training.

William L., Ph.D.Pennsylvania
William L.

I just returned from this week’s workshop on Depression and Suicide; my sessions are more productive and I could see the impact of the workshop right away. My resolution this year was to attend more useful and higher-quality workshops; I found just that in your workshop. I will be back. Thanks for putting on a great training that can truly impact one’s clinical work.

Ashley V.O, PsyD, LLCFlorida
Ashley V.O

Absolutely the best CBT training I have ever attended, which is not surprising since it is given by its founders. It was an honor to have the opportunity to discuss a real case with Dr. Aaron Beck. I think everyone doing cognitive therapy in the world should attend this training at least once.

Omar L.V.MA, Mexico
Omar L.V.

Training FAQs

Does Beck Institute offer certification in cognitive therapy?

Beck Institute trains, but does not certify, cognitive behavior therapists. The Academy of Cognitive Therapy is the certifying body for cognitive behavior therapists.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid for Beck Institute training programs?

In some cases, yes. We offer training scholarships to therapists working with active-duty or veteran military personnel, needs-based scholarships, and we offer a special workshop annually at a reduced rate for students.

Other financial aid may be available. For more information, please email Maritza Lawson at education@beckinstitute.org.

What are the prerequisites for attending a workshop?

Participants must hold at least a master’s degree in a mental health, education, medical, or related field, although we do consider graduate students on a case-by-case basis. Graduate Students are eligible to attend our annual Graduate Student Workshop: CBT for Depression. We recommend (but do not require) participants to attend at least one Core Curriculum workshop before attending a Specialty Workshop.

Which Core Curriculum workshop is right for me?

The Core Curriculum workshops are designed to build the essential knowledge and practice competencies in CBT. Core 1 (Depression) focuses on the fundamentals of CBT: case conceptualization, treatment planning, goal setting, session structure, identifying and responding to automatic thoughts, behavioral experiments, etc. Core 2 (Anxiety) covers theory and treatment specific to the more commonly encountered anxiety disorders such as GAD, Social Phobia, and Panic Disorder. Finally, Core 3 focuses on challenges: personality disorders, problems in the therapeutic relationship, problems with homework completion and therapy engagement, difficulties with identifying cognitions, and other seeming obstacles to therapy. We recommend having taken Core 1 or 2 before Core 3, depending on prior experience and familiarity with CBT.

Who conducts your workshops?

Dr. Judith Beck directs all workshops and teaches at many of them. Beck Institute faculty, who have specific expertise in specialty areas, also present. Dr. Aaron Beck conducts a question and answer session at most Philadelphia workshops.

Continuing Education Information


How can I find out if my organization approves CE credit from IAHB?

You can find this out by reading the accreditation information provided on our website. If a particular board is not listed, you may contact the board for further details.

Can I receive CE credit if I only attended part of the workshop?

No, you must attend the workshop in full in order to receive CE credit.

Can I be granted CE credit retroactively for a workshop I attended in the past?

IAHB does not grant credit retroactively. All CE requirements must be fulfilled on-site at the workshop.

When and how will I receive my CE certificate?

You will receive your CE certificate via e-mail within one week of the workshop’s end.

Will I receive any proof of CE credit?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after all necessary steps are completed.

What steps do I need to take to ensure I receive CE credit?

In order to receive CE credit, you will need to sign in daily at the workshop, complete the Attendance Verification Form (CAV) and complete the course evaluation. You will receive these forms at the workshop.

Can I earn CEs/CMEs through your workshops?

Yes. Attendance at our three-day Philadelphia workshops earns 18 CE credits and two-day workshops earn 12 CE credits. Cost of CE credits is included in your registration payment.