Become a more effective CBT teacher and supervisor.

Training with Beck Institute can help hone and refresh your skills in administering, teaching and supervising CBT.

Beck Institute provides educational opportunities for professionals who teach or supervise mental health professionals in CBT. Our annual Teaching and Supervising CBT workshop teaches how to identify key learning needs and micro skills for CBT training, and how to effectively provide feedback to students and trainees. Take what you have learned from the workshop to our supervision program for individualized feedback on your clinical or supervision sessions.


Why come to Beck for continued training?

The supervision was far more than I could have known to expect. [My supervisor’s] teaching was very helpful; she always had lots of recommendations for literature and her supervision was strengths-based. I learned something new every session and I looked forward to our sessions every week! [She] was collaborative and asked for feedback each session, and our working together evolved to fit my specific needs as time went on. It was truly woth the time, cost, and commitment! I learned so much!

Simone P.Canada
Simone P.

[My supervisor] was brilliant about creating space to take chances. He was able to help me feel fine about bringing the difficult things to supervision. His analogies were on-point, as far as helping someone see something from a different vantage point. [He] is outstanding at teaching the basics in a way that transforms therapy. Basics are important. They are glossed over sometimes because that is not the “rockstar” way of doing therapy. Basics have to be sound if therapy is going to work and [my supervisor] conveyed that well. I could go on and on. [My supervisor] was outstanding and I feel lucky to have worked with him.

Adam H., MSSWMichigan
Adam H.

Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale

This tool is designed to measure therapist competency and can highlight a therapist’s specific strengths and weaknesses in a therapy session. The manual provides detailed instructions to raters.

Training and Supervision FAQs

What are the requirements for practicing as a cognitive therapist?

All professionals who practice psychotherapy must do so within the legal requirements of their own locales. No legal body regulates the practice of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT); however, competent cognitive behavior therapists 1) have received training and supervision specific to CBT and 2) undertake ongoing efforts to develop and maintain their competence. Beck Institute strongly supports certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy as a way to promote standards of practice and care.

Does Beck Institute offer supervision of supervision?

Yes. If you are interested in learning to supervise other cognitive therapists, you must first successfully complete one standard term of supervision and receive 3 scores of 50 or higher on the CTRS. You must also receive a recommendation from your supervisor to begin supervision of supervision.

What kind of credential will I receive upon successful completion of your supervision program?

When you successfully complete the supervision program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You are encouraged to obtain certification in cognitive therapy through the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

What are the requirements for successful completion of the supervision program?

Your supervisor will rate your therapy recordings using the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS). In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must obtain a score of 40 three times and be recommended by your supervisor. Trainees who do not reach competency  receive a Letter of Participation and may enroll in additional terms.

Who are the Beck Institute supervisors?

Beck Institute supervisors are highly skilled cognitive therapists who have trained with Dr. Aaron Beck and/or Dr. Judith Beck.