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Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of improving lives worldwide through excellence and innovation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) training, research, and practice.

Our Experts

Beck Institute clinicians are leaders and innovators in the field of CBT and respected voices in mental health and psychology. Our experts can provide evidence-based perspectives on the most important issues facing our world.

Beck Institute in the Media

The latest publications featuring our experts.

Psychiatric TimesJudith S. Beck, PhD, for Psychiatric Times–October 6, 2020: Applying CBT to Psychiatry
Thrive GlobalJudith S. Beck, PhD, for Thrive Global–September 9, 2020: Demystifying the Process of Therapy
PBS 39 - WLVTRobert Hindman, PhD, for WLVT PBS 39–July 23, 2020: Tech Takeover: Are You Doomscrolling Again?
GenerocityEllen Inverso, PsyD, in Generocity–June 18, 2020: Power Moves: Ten Recent Leadership and Professional Changes at Philly Nonprofits
Main Line TodayFrancine Broder, PsyD, for Main Line Today–May 11, 2020: Acupressure, Meditation, and Other At-Home Wellness Strategies
The Philadelphia InquirerAllen R. Miller, PhD, MBA, for The Philadelphia Inquirer–March 27, 2020: Treating Coronavirus Takes Serious Toll on Health-Care Workers’ Mental Health, Study Finds
Medium.comRobert Hindman, PhD, for–March 17, 2020: Panic is a Luxury
Men's Health MagazineDeborah Beck Busis, LCSW, for Men’s Health Magazine–April 19, 2019: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting
New York TimesJudith S. Beck, PhD, for The New York Times–June 13, 2018: How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Help Suicidal People
Elle MagazineJudith S. Beck, PhD, for Elle Magazine–May 30, 2017: No Instagram, No Concealer, No Uncomfortable Clothes: A Mission to Silence My Inner Critic
LiveHappy MagazineJudith S. Beck, PhD, for LiveHappy Magazine–April 21, 2017: Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome
New York TimesJudith S. Beck, PhD, for The New York Times–January 3, 2017: The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking


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For all media inquiries, please contact our Public Relations Specialist Sarah Fleming, at: 610.664.3020 x222