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September 26, 2012
In this video from Beck Institute's recent CBT Workshop for Students and Faculty, Dr. Aaron Beck first explains the fundamental methodology of meditation-based therapies, including acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness-based therapy. Dr. Beck explains that these therapies require patients to actively experience negative, dysfunctional thoughts and accept them without trying to change them. Through acceptance, patients are able to decenter themselves, gain greater distance, and greater objectivity. Next Dr. Beck delves into relationship-based therapies. Rooted in Rogerian therapy, the main tenets of relationship-based therapies include the therapist’s total acceptance of the patient, genuine warmth, and accurate empathy. Dr. Beck describes these tenets as important qualities of every therapist. Click here to view part 1 of this video on the Beck Institute YouTube channel. Click here to view part 2 of this video on the Beck Institute YouTube channel.