September 2018 CBT Update

An update of news and resources from September 2018 including recent Training for Organizations and blog posts from Beck Institute faculty.

Integrating Mindfulness into CBT

A client of mine I’ll call Tracy had recently completed a mindfulness course, but continued to experience intense symptoms of anxiety. She decided to start treatment with me because she did not benefit as much from the course as she had hoped.

CBT for Substance Use Disorder: Applying Evidence-Based Interventions Within the Context of Different Treatment Philosophies

There are multiple views on not only what constitutes appropriate treatment but also on what constitutes a successful outcome for substance use disorder.

The Relationship Vision, Part 2

A couple may run into some long-held beliefs that can serve as obstacles to their relationship. Core beliefs are extremely rigid, long-standing cognitions, often formed as a result of childhood experience. They can play a powerful role in the treatment of couples.

A Revolutionary Idea: The Pathway to Low-Functioning in Schizophrenia

We hoped to discover psychosocial factors that could become targets for treatment interventions. This led us to examine the role of defeatist attitudes, which correlated with both neurocognitive impairment and functioning (Grant & Beck, 2009).