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Month: October 2016

Using Rogerian Counseling Skills

Using Rogerian Counseling Skills You (the therapist) need to use all the basic Rogerian counseling skills. In other words, you need to be a nice human being in the room with the client and treat every client the way you’d like to be treated. And of course, therapists need to work on their own negative reactions to clients. - Judith S, Beck, PhD

A Biography of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

A Biography of Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Aaron T. Beck Part 1 of 3 I thought I would begin today with a little bit of the history, but as Emerson once said, “There is no such thing as history, only biography.”  So I am going to give you my biography and we will see how it wraps up into history. Many years ago, I wanted to test out an intervention…