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Month: May 2015

Question: Does Cognitive Behavior Therapy Include Insight?

[caption id="attachment_14182" align="alignleft" width="128"] Judith S. Beck, PhD[/caption] Answer: Insight is always a part of cognitive therapy -- an important part, but not an end in itself.   We help patients gain insight into why they have unhelpful or upsetting reactions. Their emotions and behavior make sense once they understand how they perceived a given situation. And the characteristic themes in their perceptions (represented by their automatic thoughts) make sense…

E-Newsletter: Beck Institute Online Community and Resources

      The mission of the non-profit Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is to encourage the growth and dissemination of CBT throughout the world through leadership in the field and through the provision of professional training, outpatient clinical services and research. We have a wealth of great complimentary resources available through our social media channels -- hope you'll take time to explore them!  Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., President Beck Institute…

CBT for Insomnia & Related Anxiety & Depression in Cancer Patients

Abstract Objectives: This secondary analysis of data from a randomised controlled trial explores associations between common symptom clusters and evaluates pre-treatment to post-treatment changes in clinical levels of these symptoms following cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Methods: Baseline data from 113 participants with insomnia were explored to establish rates of and associations between clinical levels of fatigue, anxiety and depression across the sample. Effects of CBT-I on this symptom cluster…

CBT for Stress-Related Problems in Parents of Children with Disabilities

Many parents who have children suffering from some form of chronic illness or mental disorder may experience chronic stress reactions of various types. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proved to be effective in reducing stress-related problems, but there seems to be no study to date in which CBT has been tested on this specific parent group. Two case studies were therefore performed. Case 1 centered on a 47-year-old married…

“I saw my textbooks come alive!” Participant Spotlight – Jessica Marie Russell

Jessica Marie Russell, MA, LPC, LAC traveled from Colorado Springs for the Beck Institute Workshop on CBT for Substance Abuse. She works as a program supervisor at Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Centers in Colorado. She primarily sees substance abuse clients and wanted to learn to help her clients with their cognitive distortions. Her organization is focused on ensuring that teams have access to the best tools they need to provide…

From CBT Therapist to CBT Supervisor

 Judith S. Beck and Daniella Cavenagh How do you become a skilled CBT supervisor? Delivering effective CBT supervision requires a highly specialized, advanced set of competencies for which clinical acumen is essential but not sufficient. A growing body of literature indicates the importance of: developing the relationship with supervisees, including eliciting and responding effectively to their feedback setting goals with supervisees accurately assessing supervisees' strengths and weaknesses developing effective individualized…