A Conversation with the Dalai Lama

In this video from a recent Beck Institute Workshop, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses insights from his conversation with the Dalai Lama. Dr. Aaron Beck draws connections between Cognitive Therapy and Buddhism, and points to egoism as one major concern addressed by both Cognitive Therapy and Buddhism. Dr. Beck describes egoism as largely involving a focus on personal health, safety, or self-esteem, and an over-absorption in self-focus. Dr. Beck highlights a specific case in which a client became overly absorbed in a specific goal and had to disengage from the goal to alleviate distress.

The Therapeutic Alliance

In this video from a recent CBT workshop at the Beck Institute, Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the therapeutic alliance. He stresses the importance of fostering a strong working alliance to achieve therapeutic gain, as well as developing strategies for working with clients with varying personalities.

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CBT for Treatment of Intolerance of Uncertainty

Intolerance of uncertainty usually involves negative emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions to uncertain situations, and it has often been associated with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Studies show that intolerance of uncertainty may be the common feature within these various anxiety disorders.

The current study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology aims to investigate the relationship between intolerance of uncertainty and emotional disorders such as GAD, OCD, panic disorder, and social phobia, and/or depressive disorders. Thirty-seven participants were randomly assigned to receive eighteen weeks of transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention (Unified Protocol for the Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders; UP) or were waitlisted for treatment.

Results indicated that intolerance of uncertainty was positively correlated with symptoms of depression and anxiety, and that intolerance of uncertainty decreased during CBT treatment. Additionally, reduced post treatment intolerance of uncertainty was associated with reduced post treatment symptoms of depression and anxiety. These results suggest that transdiagnostic treatment to target intolerance of uncertainty can help improve treatment outcomes across emotional disorders.

Boswell, J. F., Thompson-Hollands, J., Farchione, T. J., & Barlow, D. H. (2013). Intolerance of uncertainty: a common factor in the treatment of emotional disorders. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 69, 6, 630-45.

CBT for Patients with Physiological Disorders

In this video from a recent CBT workshop at the Beck Institute, Dr. Aaron Beck explains how Cognitive Therapy can help individuals who have physiological disorders. He emphasizes the importance of case conceptualization and discusses how Cognitive Therapy can be used to target an individual’s specific, unhelpful negative beliefs about his or her disorder.

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The Use of Distraction in the Treatment of Anxiety

In this video from a recent CBT workshop at the Beck Institute, Dr. Aaron Beck describes the use of distraction in the treatment of anxiety disorders. He discusses the ways in which distraction can be productive for different forms of anxiety. Although distraction is not a long term solution, Dr. Beck shows how using distraction can provide an initial sense of relief and control for the patient and help reduce the intensity of anxiety symptoms.

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A Monthly Summary of Beck Institute Updates [July 2013]

In its efforts to encourage the growth and dissemination of CBT throughout the world, Beck Institute has expanded its online presence across social media and other platforms. To keep you (our readers) informed of our most recent updates, we’ve decided to implement a monthly summary including: blogs, CBT articles, CBT trainings, and other updates for our readers. We’re very excited about some of the new developments at Beck Institute, including our new Core Curriculum. Please use the following links to go back and read what you may have missed from July 2013:

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