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Month: February 2010

Learning Resilience at a Young Age

No matter the age, a person’s emotions can be pulled down by small disappointments being made to feel like disasters. With CBT, people are able to identify errors in thought, and learn to avoid ‘disastrous’ outcomes. People can learn to avoid irrational thoughts, and by aligning thoughts with reality, they are better able to think in a clear, healthy way about every day situations. It has shown that it could…

Veterans with TBI and Suicidality

Previous research has shown that, in recent years, there has been an increased rate of suicide in soldiers returning from war.  In addition, as many as 15-23% of returning soldiers have incurred traumatic brain injuries (TBI). A new study published in Rehabilitation Psychology aimed to identify risk and protective factors for suicide ideation or suicidal behavior among veterans who have experienced TBI. Thirteen suicidal veterans in a TBI clinic completed…

New Research Makes Important Steps in the Study of Emotion Generation

Past research has shown that the interaction of bottom-up and top-down processes is what leads to the development of emotions. Until recently, there have not been studies that look at bottom-up and top-down processes respectively. Neuroscientists have put their greatest focus on bottom-up processes’ involvement in perception, learning, and memory, but failed to focus on top-down processes. Because of this, there has not been a true understanding of how these…